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Summer transport begins on the Etruscan coast

Shuttles and tourist trains

Finally a little respite after so many tiring months, the desire to start living normally and peacefully is a lot and here in this calm climate Amitour resumes its activity with the summer shuttles along the Etruscan coast!

To fully enjoy the summer, take advantage of our transport, comfortably and happily our trains shuttle between the villages, the campsites, the hotels to the beaches of Vada, Cecina Mare, Bibbona, Donoratico and San Vincenzo and where the distance is greater, there are always shuttle buses that connect the stations and hilltop villages with the most touristic areas of the coast.

Visit our timetable page to find out about the routes and stops, also on each stop you will find the detailed timetable of the service.
Download the pdf of the timetables that interest you to take them always with you.

Tickets are available directly on board the trains and shuttles

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